As patriots, it is important that we help support key films like AmeriGEDDON.
— Alex Jones // InfoWars
As awake Americans, it is important that we help to support movies like AmeriGEDDON.
— Jason Van Tatenhove // OathKeepers


  • We drove 100 miles(one way). Definitely worth every mile. We've told many of our friends and they are looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for going against the grain.
    — Jessica Deas, Facebook
  • Just drove 226 miles to see the movie. It was great!
    — Nora, Facebook
  • I thought I was the only one who who drove 100+ to go to the movie!!!!!!! It was amazingly worth it. Thank you for the courage to stand for the truth. I know the movie will come to my state soon and I will watch it again & again & again!!!!!
    — Antonio Perez, Facebook
  • Saw this film this week. Outstanding. Please everyone support them and tell your friends to see it so they can make more of them.
    — Tom Conrad, Facebook
  • Terrific movie! When that young lieutenant recited his oath to defend this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic, I had to applaud! And many others applauded with me!
    — Fred Atkinson, Facebook
  • Saw this wonderful movie on Sunday. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!
    — David Forquer, Facebook
  • My wife and I drove 450 miles round trip to see the film, well worth it, glad to support it.
    — Scott Towers, Facebook
  • Great movie guys! Grateful to be given the opportunity to see it while in OKC!
    — Kimberly Steffen Reinpold, Facebook
  • Saw the movie with my family and we really enjoyed it. It really tells the story about how our government is today.
    — Eric Bramlett, Facebook
  • I drove an hour to see it, Well worth it. I believe this is a real life scenario. Very important movie!
    — Cindy Lipscomb Toler, Facebook