The new movie AmeriGEDDON is a must-see for every red-blooded American patriot that’s concerned about the future of our country. Created by Chuck Norris’ son Mike Norris and Gary Heavin, AmeriGEDDON isn’t just a hard-hitting fictional story about the New World Order takeover: it’s ALL based on fact. And the very real plans of the Globalist to create Order Out of Chaos. As patriots, it is important that we help support key films like AmeriGEDDON. Because when we inject independent films made by liberty lovers into the culture, we reach millions more around the planet. It is essential that we begin to hijack popular entertainment and shift the narrative to preserving freedom and prosperity.

Please show your support by taking the time to watch AmeriGEDDON with friends and family. This film is a powerful tool in the information war to really help wake people up and rally patriots in the cause of freedom and justice.

Amerigeddon opens May 13th in select theaters, go to and remember, you are the resistance!
— Alex Jones // InfoWars

The new movie, AmeriGEDDON, put out by Mike Norris (son of Chuck Norris) and Gary Heavin, is a must see for every red-blooded American Patriot and Prepper. Every situation that is shown is based on fact. These are very real dangers to be faced by all of us. As awake Americans, it is important that we help to support movies like AmeriGEDDON. Movies are a venue that can reach a segment of the population that other mediums just may not. Please take a stand by taking the time to watch this movie with family and friends. Even if they do not share the same views, it may help to wake them up.
— Jason Van Tatenhove // National Media Director, Oath Keepers

AmeriGEDDON is an important film, especially considering the current Geo-political climate in America. If you are concerned about Second Amendment rights, personal liberties, or are just wary about the direction this nation is going, you NEED to support this film.
— Dave Carney & Chad Forester // KDWN 720AM Las Vegas

It is as thrilling and informative as it is terrifying. No movie has captured the essence of the dangers which presently confront the American people with the clarity and detail that Amerigeddon brings to movie audiences.
— Dave Hodges // The Common Sense Show

I just finished viewing “Amerigeddon” and I must say it used documented facts to substantiate a most probable event in the near future of America. This film is a must view for ALL people who are concerned with the direction our nations is going!! It isn’t pleasant to consider the truths presented in this hard hitting film, nor to think of the potential threats to ourselves and our families may face one day soon, but I strongly urge you to watch this movie and pay heed to its warnings!!
— Pastor Butch Paugh // Call To Decision Ministries // Internationally syndicated radio talk show host