Amerigeddon has been called, “The most important movie of the year…” and is an essential movie for all citizens who want to protect the 2nd amendment.  Gary Heavin and Mike Norris did not make this movie to finance the elitist Hollywood System.  This movie was made to to send a message to your patriot community.  And now there is a way to bring this movie to your local theater and bypass the Hollywood executives with their own agenda.

Mike Norris has arranged to take advantage of the new technology of Theatrical on Demand to help empower you to organize a screening at your local theater.  You can now become a Theater Captain to make this available to your friends, political group, church group or gun club.

Pick the date and start the movement

You can use the Gathr system to select a date at many local theaters, and only when you have the minimum group together, the screening will take place. You can empower yourself and protect the freedom of your community by becoming a Gathr team captain.  

Through our select launch, over 6 million people have seen the trailer and over 25 million have engaged in discussion about this movie.  Now you have the opportunity to be on the front lines and help lead those people in spreading the truth the globalists don’t want us know.

Amerigeddon has been playing in select theaters across the country to enthusiastic responses:

“The new movie AmeriGEDDON is a must-see for every red-blooded American patriot that’s concerned about the future of our country…This film is a powerful tool in the information war to really help wake people up and rally patriots in the cause of freedom and justice.”
-Alex Jones

“...what happens when government turns against you..ultimate political thriller..all Americans should prepare for this type of situation..”
— Fox & Friends

“ finally someone has made a movie about it (EMP threat)..God is using movies to speak prophetically to His people..
— TruNews

For details and support, call 323-512-4100 or email

To reach the Amerigeddon Office, call 323-580-6799 or email

We must work together to get this movie seen by every patriot.  You are the resistance and you are the key to winning the information war.