“...what happens when government turns against you..ultimate political thriller..all Americans should prepare for this type of situation..”
— Fox & Friends
“..political thriller..”
— Fox News Insider
“..blockbuster.. finally someone has made a movie about it (EMP threat)..God is using movies to speak prophetically to His people..
— TruNews, online conservative Christian news outlet
“Amerigeddon is Red Dawn Part 2..makes you think and is a lot of fun!”
— David Knight, Info Wars
“..certain movies come out just at the right time, encapsulating the inner-dialog of a generation. One film, that just might be part of our cultural could be the upcoming movie AmeriGEDDON… combination of history and character..Director Mike Norris tells a powerful story.”
— Oathkeepers
“..makes people think about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment,.”
— wnd.com,World News Daily, onlne conservative news
“..thrilling and informative and terrifying. captured the essence of the dangers which presently confront the American people with clarity and detail…”
— Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show
“..the film will appeal to Americans, who value their freedom.”
— Christian Today, UK’s largest Christian news provider
“..inspires serious critical thinking and introspection...”
— Daily Haymaker, conservative online news site
“..Amerigeddon, which predicts and exposes the truth and what we could be looking at in the future.”
— BeforeItsNews.com, online conservative news outlet
“..call to action for black helicopter crowd..”
— Austin Chronicle, Austin newspaper
“..very cool film..one of a handful of conservative, independent movies coming out without Hollywood-machine..encourage you to go see it..a great movie!”
— KLYO-AM, Lubbock
“..warns that a powerful EMP could bring America to its knees, destroying power, communications, the Internet, transportation, shipping and natural gas supplies..”
— GrandRapidCity.com, local Entertainment Guide, Grand Rapids
“..required viewing..an EMP is a real threat..thanks for making this film!”
— Secure Freedom Network, Frank Gaffney, former Asst Secty Defense (Reagan), syndicated radio show
“..highly anticipated film..a really good cast..this kind of theatrical presence gives a descriptive of what happens if..its fanastastic, and you won’t be disappointed..”
— Live in Las Vegas w/Dave & Chad, KDWN-720AM, local Las Vegas radio
“..cool new film..”
— KRIV-TV, Fox affiliate Houston
“..action-packed film with a strong political plot..”
— KWTX-TV, CBS-affiliate, Waco
“..entertainment vehicle to wake up the American public..”
— Coast 2 Coast
“..a starting point for educating Americans..”
— Waco Tribune, local Waco newspaper
“..very very cool. With everything happening in our country is this a precursor for our future?..makes people aware and woken people up..check it out!”
— Jack and Ron Show, FUN-96.9FM, Oklahoma City
“..This movie is not mere entertainment; it’s also a warning..”
— Banner Newspaper, Tulsa
“..A dire warning of a wake up call..”
— Dallas Observer, Dallas magazine
“Mike Norris is the ‘new Chuck!”
— CW 33, Dallas TV