Should Your Doggy-Movie Star Go On A Diet?

Celebrity animals bank on their good looks. People like to watch them because they are cute and cuddly. So if you have one, it’s a tough call to make whether to put it on a diet or not. It’s a choice between health and looks. Should your doggy movie star go on a diet? It is such a difficult question to answer. To respond to it, you need to know when to control what your dogs eat.

A dog with a healthy appetite is a good thing. But when a dog eats too much, it can cause problems later on. Obesity is a problem, even to dogs and it can lead to other health complications. So if you have determined that your dog is overweight, it’s time to make some healthy changes to its diet. Food is potentially helpful for bulking up. But too much food can cause some health issues for your dog.

Sometimes, it is hard to know whether dogs have gained weight or not. One of the reasons for this is that we’re always accustomed to seeing our dog that we don’t notice the changes happening to its body. So what you need to do is to try and look at our dog and look for signs of obesity in his body. For one, dogs are not supposed to be round in shape. If your dog looks like a ball already then it probably needs to go on a diet.

If you also can’t see your dog’s wais then that means it is covered in fat. Next, you should try to feel your dog’s ribs. If you’re having a hard time looking for its ribs, then that’s another clear sign that your dog is overweight. Now check your dog’s belly. If it’s hanging down then it simply means it is being weighed down by fat.

After you have checked your dog’s physical appearance, you need to also check its performance. Try to play with it. Run and let him run after you. If he is having a hard time catching up, then it most likely means he is carrying too much weight. You should also observe how it eats. Can he finish a whole bowl of food with ease? If yes, then now you know you know the main cause of why it is overweight. Your dog is eating too much and it’s time for you to intervene.

The nest thing that you need to do is to take it to his vet. Your vet will be able to tell you the ideal weight for your dog. The vet can also help you to come up with a proper diet plan for your dog. Ask him about the ideal dog food that he should eat and how to control his appetite.

Your dog may look cute because he is fat and people may love him because of his looks. But you also need to consider your dog’s health. If you want it to be a movie star for a long time, then he needs to start eating healthy.

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