Tips for Chronicling Your Dog’s Life: Documenting Memories and Records

I’ve always been a dog lover, and I have had dogs in my life for as long as I can remember. One of the things that makes me happiest is documenting their lives through videos and pictures. Recently, my family got a new addition to our pack…my parents’ golden retriever mix puppy! He’s not even two months old yet, but he has already filled the house with his antics. It’s impossible to leave him out when I’m taking photos or recording video footage of my other three dogs. Here are tips for chronicling your dog’s life – happy memories you’ll cherish forever!

Take lots of pictures!

I recommend at least one every day. If you have time, take more than that! You can always delete the ones you don’t want later on, but it’s worth taking them in case there is one perfect shot hiding among all those photos. These are also great to look back on, even if it’s just a picture of your dog sleeping.

Take short videos as well.

Even shorter ones are worth having – maybe you’ll capture something adorable he does when the camera isn’t rolling! These may not be anything special to watch at first glance, but they’re great for that moment when you need a pick-me-up and you want to look back at what your dog was doing when he wasn’t aware of the camera.

Create a scrapbook or photo album for them.

My dogs have their own albums with photos from all over my life – they’re full of pictures I’ve taken, drawings that people have made for me about them, ticket stubs from movies they’ve seen, and more. Those are some of my most prized possessions!

Don’t forget to include the people in your dog’s life.

I have a whole section dedicated to photos with each one of my dogs – all three of them together on their first day home, me holding our new puppy for the first time, and so on. You can also add in drawings and paintings by kids, letters from friends who may not understand why your dog is such an important part of your life (and that’s okay!), or anything else you think would be touching to look back on when they’re gone.

Share some on social media!

If you’re an active social media user, there’s no reason that your dog can’t be a part of it! Tag them and use their name – they’ll love seeing themselves on Instagram or Facebook. I like to post pictures of my dogs on all three: Twitter, Pinterest , and Tumblr .

Write some letters as well.

You could send them to your dog today, or save them for another time. I like to write letters about how much my dogs mean to me and leave them out on my desk so they’ll be the first thing I see when I walk in each morning. My mom has done this as well – she wrote a letter to each of her dogs before they passed away, and she keeps them in a box to look back on whenever she misses them.

Don’t forget about your dog’s medical records!

If you take your dog to the vet often or have been involved with any surgeries they may have had, keep those documents safe . You never know when you might need that paperwork for something major. I’ve had to provide proof of rabies shots before, and having those medical records was extremely helpful. The vet might also recommend something and having records will surely handy as reference (sites such as The Pampered Pup are also useful references).

How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Star

Do you want to know how to make your dog an Instagram star? Are you tired of people making fun of your poor dog and posting unflattering pictures online? If so, then you are in luck because you can turn the social media outlet into your dog’s new best friend. All you need to do is make sure that you update his or her social media page on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to make your dog an Instagram star.

The first thing you will need to do is upload some pictures of your dog, preferably taken by you. You can either use the same settings and filter options for your pictures or you can take photos outside with a friend. When it comes to social media, the more the better.

Next, you will need to set up your dog’s profile. Since social media is centered around photos, this step is very important. You should have a separate account for your dog and you should label each account as “My Dog,” “My Pet,” Instagram,” etc. Just be sure that your dog’s name appears somewhere in the description or you might end up with a bunch of blank accounts.

Now that you have a separate social account for your dog, you should post photos on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to post photos, at least try to update them every day or two. A lot of people think that once they start posting they will lose interest, but this is not true. In fact, if you update your photos often you will get much more attention than you were before.

When you are writing posts, you should always use a high quality font. This will help make your posts look more professional. You also need to make sure that the photos are updated properly. At times, people can post old photos which can really turn off your followers.

You will need to learn how to engage your followers. One thing you should do is make sure that you answer questions and respond to comments made. If you respond quickly, other followers will follow you. Also, by commenting on their posts, you are telling them that you are an interesting person who knows a lot about your dog.

Finally, you will want to promote your Instagram account. One of the best ways to do this is to post links to your dog photos throughout the day. For example, if you take a picture of Fido at his favorite watering hole, then you should put a link to that post on your Facebook page or tweet it out. If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, then you can just put a link to your Instagram account. This will encourage people to check out your account to see the latest photos of your beloved pooch.

As you can see, there are several tips and tricks involved with learning how to make your dog an Instagram star. The key to making this work is to update your posts regularly, share pictures of your pup regularly, interact with followers, and promote your page to everyone you can. Once you have everything in place, you should notice a big boost in the number of followers you get. It may even inspire some of your friends or family members to start posting their dogs on Instagram as well! Just be patient and consistent.

One of the most important parts of how to make your dog an Instagram star is interaction. The more you interact with your followers, the more popular they will become. Keep your followers updated on the progress of your photo shoots and give them clues as to what type of pictures you want to share with them. The goal is to build a strong community for your pup, one that is dedicated to keeping your pup happy and healthy.

If you want to learn how to make your dog an Instagram star, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the social media site’s helpful tools. One such tool is the “pins” function, which will help you keep track of the progression of your pup’s photo shoot. Another useful feature is the “instagram kit” function, which allows you to upload pictures from your pup’s recent shoot and add text to help fans to promote their content. This page will also show off other users who are posting content about your dog.

If your dog isn’t quite ready to be an Instagram star, don’t worry. There are other ways that you can ensure that people keep talking about your pet. Simply interact with the community by posting questions for other users or posting links to great content. People love to know that others care about their favorite canine, and the more you share your pup’s musings, the more it will spread.

Cute Things Pets Do That Are Worth Catching On Film

Do you have a pet? They are really a handful at times, but you will not change it for anything. They make you relax and are fun to be around. They are also entertaining, and it is without effort and does not matter if they are just doing something unusual or basic.

Because of that, many people search for videos about pets. It is either they do not have one themselves or just want to see other’s antics. It makes them feel good. And for that matter, there are many people who set up social media accounts or blogs for their pets. 

If you are a puppy blogger or a cat person or any kind of pet you have, you must be thinking what would be the things that are worth watching. The answer to that is everything. An animal lover would not careC if it is just something ordinary or touching. But the most popular ones would be the following:

1. Weird Sleeping Habits

As mentioned earlier, it would not matter if they are just doing simple and basic things such as sleeping. But at times though, some pets will tend to sleep differently. It could be in different and funny positions or at uncommon places or making different noises. Another example is occupying their owner’s spaces. It is a common occurrence, but people love it.

2. Food Begging

It is amusing how all pets are different but when it comes to food, they are almost all the same. Their styles are different though when they want a particular food, whether it be for feeding time or begging for their owner’s food. Some would give them the look that people cannot say no to. Then there are also some that looks like they are talking. No matter what their style is, it is funny to watch.

3. Seeing Something for the First Time

Animals are curious creatures. When they see something for the first time, they tend to be fascinated and excited. They have varied reactions on different things, and they are all entertaining and cute to watch especially when they really get into it for a long time.

4. Meeting Other Pets

Not all pets are really welcoming or happy when another one is brought, so this will certainly not applicable to all. But there are also others that are different, and their reactions are almost the same as mentioned above: fascinated and intrigued. There are also times that they seem to adopt the new pet right then and there, and it is heart warming.

5. Meeting Owners for the First Time

Another heart warming scene would be pets going home and meeting their owners for the first time. It is a scene where anyone would either just smile or cry. It will be emotional either way. This is especially for adopted or rescue pets. Some animals would just like a home and a family, so that is why it a big deal for them to have one and happy to meet them.