Tips for Chronicling Your Dog’s Life: Documenting Memories and Records

I’ve always been a dog lover, and I have had dogs in my life for as long as I can remember. One of the things that makes me happiest is documenting their lives through videos and pictures. Recently, my family got a new addition to our pack…my parents’ golden retriever mix puppy! He’s not even two months old yet, but he has already filled the house with his antics. It’s impossible to leave him out when I’m taking photos or recording video footage of my other three dogs. Here are tips for chronicling your dog’s life – happy memories you’ll cherish forever!

Take lots of pictures!

I recommend at least one every day. If you have time, take more than that! You can always delete the ones you don’t want later on, but it’s worth taking them in case there is one perfect shot hiding among all those photos. These are also great to look back on, even if it’s just a picture of your dog sleeping.

Take short videos as well.

Even shorter ones are worth having – maybe you’ll capture something adorable he does when the camera isn’t rolling! These may not be anything special to watch at first glance, but they’re great for that moment when you need a pick-me-up and you want to look back at what your dog was doing when he wasn’t aware of the camera.

Create a scrapbook or photo album for them.

My dogs have their own albums with photos from all over my life – they’re full of pictures I’ve taken, drawings that people have made for me about them, ticket stubs from movies they’ve seen, and more. Those are some of my most prized possessions!

Don’t forget to include the people in your dog’s life.

I have a whole section dedicated to photos with each one of my dogs – all three of them together on their first day home, me holding our new puppy for the first time, and so on. You can also add in drawings and paintings by kids, letters from friends who may not understand why your dog is such an important part of your life (and that’s okay!), or anything else you think would be touching to look back on when they’re gone.

Share some on social media!

If you’re an active social media user, there’s no reason that your dog can’t be a part of it! Tag them and use their name – they’ll love seeing themselves on Instagram or Facebook. I like to post pictures of my dogs on all three: Twitter, Pinterest , and Tumblr .

Write some letters as well.

You could send them to your dog today, or save them for another time. I like to write letters about how much my dogs mean to me and leave them out on my desk so they’ll be the first thing I see when I walk in each morning. My mom has done this as well – she wrote a letter to each of her dogs before they passed away, and she keeps them in a box to look back on whenever she misses them.

Don’t forget about your dog’s medical records!

If you take your dog to the vet often or have been involved with any surgeries they may have had, keep those documents safe . You never know when you might need that paperwork for something major. I’ve had to provide proof of rabies shots before, and having those medical records was extremely helpful. The vet might also recommend something and having records will surely handy as reference (sites such as The Pampered Pup are also useful references).

How To Make A Funny Dog Video

Nowadays, when some people would like to relax and have their stress away, they will just go to Youtube and watch videos about animals. It is calming and takes no effort. Those animals are just pure and simple. It is the reason why many people do movies of their pets. It is to share them that will surely make others happy.

It is not that easy though especially if you are planning to do a funny one. Your dog does not have to be trained professionally but still needs some effort. To do that, here are some tips:

1. Know Your Dog

If you already know your dog’s antics, it will be a lot easier for you to catch it on film. A funny video can be set up in different situations and if you know your dog, you would know when they are the most entertaining. It could be while they are eating or while you are eating. It could be during their sleeping time or times when you walk them. Just know the, and you will surely catch something.

2. Always Watch Out

This will be easily done when you know your dog. You know when to watch out. But of course, dogs tend to be unpredictable, so you will still have to watch out for them. They might do something hilarious and uncommon that is worth sharing. Although, it does not have to be something rare. Many dog lovers are just happy even if they are just watching something of a common occurrence. But if you are thinking of something that tends to be viral, a rare occurrence has more possibility.

3. Right Timing

And even if you know the right time and when to take a video, the right timing is still important. It is the reason why videos have gone viral. They have caught it at the right time that it is funny even without knowing the concept and situation. It is also the reason why some even become a meme.

4. Have Many Takes

Any good video does not only have one take. In fact, for it to be perfect, people shoot it many times. That way, they will get the right lighting and timing. They may also try on different angles or spots to see what is best. It may be more challenging with your dog though because they are not directed like people. But what you can do is to have as many clips as you can, so you can have something to choose from.

5. Editing

A good video requires good editing. There are various software and tools that you can choose and use. You can add some music or delete some footage that is not needed. Even if you are planning to keep it simple and natural, editing is still a must so that the video will be more watchable. Editing also involves improving the lighting and sounds, so that way people will understand and see more of the funny happenings of your dog.