One of your responsibilities is to train your dog if you have one. That way, they will be able to easily interact and also avoid conflicts. It will also be much easier for you and to others.

But it will be a lot different if they were to be trained for other things. The first example would be having them as service pets. Even if they are naturally friendly, it will still need some training for them to know and for their instinct to be more prominent. Then there are those that are naturally talented, and we are not talking about tricks but talents that humans would have. One of those is acting.

In a way, it might be easier if it will involve cameras because it can be edited and done until it is right. It will be different if it will be on a live stage as a theater. Will it be possible? The answer would be yes with these factors:

1. Have the Patience

Training your pets with basic skills and tricks might be easier but still requires a lot of patience. What more for a more advanced one? For that matter, this will require a lot more patience. Keep in mind that it is not just the skill they needed to be trained with but also the other basic ones like behaving and obedience but with more amount. It is not just about them going to a park. It is about them facing an audience that will have other people that will either sing, dance, or act. They have to be in their best for the show to be not ruined.

2. Know the Risks

It is not just about having a lot of patience but also the risks involved. This includes their behavior. There will be times that they will not want to obey. At times, their moods are not right. With that, you should familiarize yourself with your pet. You should know about their bad days and how you will handle it. This will also show you the importance of showing who is the boss around them. Another risk you should mind is your resources. Sure, training them may give you a lot, but the damage might be greater if that happens. You will also need to think about insurance to avoid greater casualty. And because of that, you will need to spend. 

3. Be Alert

Another thing that should be watched out is how they will do after the training. Some pets are unpredictable, so you should be alert. Some theaters would be happy to have some amateur ones because they cost less. If your pet is one, there will be a great chance for them. But that means they still need to develop more. And as mentioned earlier, you have to watch out for them. This also means you need to be honest because there are more risks if your pet behaved badly. And this does not include during practices but also during the performance also.